Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Longer Friends....

Have you ever had a friend that you cherished. One that you loved so much that you interact with them at least 10 times a day? Has that friend ever let you down?

Mine did. In fact I think that we are no longer friends...
Did I not buy you your favorite? Electrasol Powerball Tabs? I gave these to you 3 times a day! Price was not a factor! Maybe you saw me use a coupon. Was that it? I also gave you Jet Dry! I never once asked you to load or unload yourself. (although, it would have been nice) I always made sure that others loaded you correctly. Why oh why did you decide to no longer clean the dishes? Was it something I did? Did I not give you a place to call home 57 months ago???
My friend, you forced me to do dishes by.........HAND...........this is not cool. This is unacceptable! How could you do this to me??? Once I was done, I found a little surprise...

This was in the stove. Must have been put there when the home teachers came. (you and the stove are not planning anything are you??)


  1. I really feel for you losing this cherished friend. I would totally feel the same but you do give me a laugh!

  2. Mindy, Mindy, where do you get your wit? If it wasn't so sad, I would laugh!!! But, alas, I had too many years of doing dishes by hand, so I totally get this! Hope it's not something catching like H1N1. See ya Saturday!

  3. Wow...you treat your dishwasher a lot nicer than I treat mine! You crack me up though!