Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Almost OLD!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life! You are 39 today. Looks like you have one good year until you are officially OLD! Ten reason why I love you:

1- Your hair is never messy! (your eyebrows are another story though)
2- You can just fall asleep when you lay down. (no fair)
3- You let me spend your paycheck every time that you get paid!
4- You cashed in your stocks so I could get a new floor.
5- You love to rub my feet or back whenever I ask.
6- You are understanding when you come home and dinner is not ready.
7- You will play me in card games and board games even though you hardly ever win.
8- You don't mind stepping around a playpen in our bedroom every morning.
(even though we don't have a baby!)

9-You always back the wave runners into the lake. (first time, every time!)
10- You asked me to marry you!



  1. That was cute Mindy! Happy Birthday Kendall!!

  2. Happy Birthday, to Kendall, an awesome son-in-law.