Saturday, July 11, 2009

July so far...

I have been a really terrible blogger lately. My excuse, the kids keep stealing my mouse. I cannot run the computer properly without a mouse. I don't like mice, but I do love my mouse.
On, July 3rd, we had cousins come over for dinner and fireworks! We have a bunch of pyros in the Brown family. On, July 4th, we went to the parade in Park City. Ok, so you know, it is the lamest parade ever! Don't go unless you are drunk! (we know that nobody that reads this blog drinks, so, just do yourself a favor and hit a different parade) Parades are not supposed to have intermission right?? It was the parade that never ended! We also, hit the Daybreak lake and ended the day with the fireworks display at Sandy.
Kendall and Dyllon have been gone all week at scout camp. Me and the kids left at home have (gasp) eating dinner out almost every night! (side note: gotta love taco Tuesday!) It is Saturday and the boys will be home in about and hour so I better go and get the house picked up!
Oh, one last thing! I totally kicked Avery's can playing guitar hero!

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