Thursday, July 2, 2009

Destructive June

June was a really rough month for us. It seems like all of our stuff was breaking. Here is a list of stuff that I can remember:
This car is not ours. It is my sister Dani's. She has had her own tough June, but here is our contribution. Avery ran Grandpa's mule down the front of her brand new car. He broke some of the grill, ripped the fancy Menlove license plate cover off and put a nice scratch on the front bumper. Side note: Avery totally missed Grandpa's trailer! (this picture was taken after I rubbed off the black scratch and we put some touch up paint on) Sorry Dani!

Kendall's car had a problem with the oxygen sensor and the clutch. He also had to have the spark plugs and wires replaced. It was in the shop for 2 days. Lucky us, the check engine light is on again. **sigh**
My car had to have the exhaust manifold gaskets replaced on the right side. I had to have this done last fall on the left side. It took 7 hours to do. I took it down to the dealership where we bought it. Me and Madison were stranded. We did some damaged at the Old Navy, went and saw the movie Up and then went to lunch at Costa Vida. (oh, and we also waited, a long time)
Dyllon Broke this.............
Which lead to this............(it used to be a hole in the wall where the door knob went thru)
I think that just about everyone has done damage to my toes. First of all Dolly bit my toe and broke a nail. Avery jammed my foot and broke off the middle nail. Aushlynn, ran into my foot to finish off the damage to the big toe. Haung will be so disappointed that I did not take care of my toes better. I need to go and see him right away.

Now you can see why this got broke!!!

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  1. Very funny Mindy,hope Dolly doesn't get any more
    toes this weekend.