Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daybreak Park

It was a rare day today. I only had 5 daycare kids so we decided to head to the park. I know you are thinking only 5? I usually have 8 extra! We went up to the Daybreak park. It has a lake and a fun playground.
Here is a picture of Blake. It is kinda blurry, but I really like it. He was always trying to hide from my camera.
Here is Blake's twin brother Don. He likes the camera and will busta pose for me.
Brody figured out how to get up to the climbing structure.
Here is Kaylee. The sand was pretty hot. If she buried her feet the sand was cooler.
Kaylee on the slide.
Griffin and Kaylee on the swings. I spent a bunch of time pushing!
Madison and Griffin on the swings. Side note: Griffin is a swing hog!! ;0)
Here is Don being careful to not fall on the ropes.
I really like this picture of Griffin. He was taking a rest at the top of the climbing structure.
Madison at the top. Hey mom, take a picture of me!!!
Here is Brody. He is a cutie. Side note: He likes purkle (purple) M&M's!
Here is Blake conquering the top!
We had a great time until it started to rain!!

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  1. You have some really cute daycare kids! Looks like you had lots of fun!