Monday, August 10, 2009

Bear Lake and such........

Sorry that I have not posted in awhile. I seem to apologize alot for this very reason. I guess it does not matter anyway. I don't have a huge fan following! Well, the reason for no post is we were in Bear Lake. I wished that we actually spent more time in the lake, but that is a whole other story that I just need to get over. Can you believe that I did not take my camera out for 10 whole days?
I know!
This is how that last week went down for us:

Saturday, August 1st: We went to Mac's baptism. (I saw his dad hold him down extra long!) We also went to the Preston Rodeo. tip: Never, I repeat never sit on the front row! Yee Haw!
Sunday, August 2nd: We went to Mac's confirmation and Kai's Blessing.
Monday, August 3rd thru Wednesday, August 5th: We went to Bear Lake for the Brown Family reunion. Had a good time despite that fact the the waverunners were having issues. Can you believe that the one taking on water only had a exhaust pipe that had come off! GRR!! I hope that everyone had a fun time any hoo!
Thursday, August 6th: Me and Kendall went and spent the night at Anniversary Inn for, you guess it, our anniversary. Thanks Mom, it is nice to get away from the kidlets every once in awhile.
Friday, August 7th: Jeremy came and helped get the waverunners running. Thanks, I think that I owe him a seafood dinner!
Saturday, August 8th: We really wanted to take the waverunner to Twin Lakes, but it decided to be winter instead. way to cold. Came home!
Sunday, August 9th: Happy 18th Anniversary to us! Can you believe that we have been married that long? I love you Kendall, Here's to many many more!!!


  1. What a busy week that was, abut it was good to have you all here with us for a visit. Are you coming back this weekend? Let me know. Happpy late anniversary anyway.

  2. Congrats on 18 years!! What an accomplishment. Sounds like a fun weekend, despite the troubles. Have a good rest of your summer! (Cuz you know you won't post again til it's over, HAHA.)