Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Temple Open House

Last night, I had the opportunity to tour the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Kendall was taking the Young Men in our ward and had extra tickets so me and the girls tagged along.
The Temple is beautiful. If was fun to see the girls reaction. They especially loved the chandeliers in the Celestial room and the Sealing rooms. Madison says that she want to be married here. Aushlynn wants to be married in the Hawaii temple. I mention this so everyone can start saving to attend her sealing!
You know me, I cannot go anywhere without drama. To start off the excursion, it was raining. Not just light showers, but it was coming down. No worries, we took a umbrella. So, can I tell you that I parked in the world's largest mud puddle in the parking lot? Me and the girls shoes were caked in mud. Just what you want before you enter the temple. I kept thinking, we need to get this off before we go through. Well, before you actually tour the temple, you get to go into one of the tents and watch a 12 minute movie. In the back of the tent there was a coat check and on the table was a box of tissues. This gave me an excellent opportunity to wipe shoes off, RIGHT??? I pulled the last two tissues out of the box, I am pretty sure that I need more than two. Oh well, it will have to do. I walk over to a single chair in the back of the tent and sit down. Well sorta, the chair crumpled to the ground. I don't know who many people saw. Kendall did and so did the girls and I am sure a bunch more people. How humiliating! I am not really even that heavy! I am sure that this chair was put in the back...alone.. for a reason. (why no Holy Ghost prompting???) Why don't I ever look before I sit???? So, the people who went through the tour with me, they got a bonus tour of the temple garment. Your welcome!

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  1. I love Mindora drama! :)

    If it makes you feel any better, I was on the phone with my husband's best friend yesterday and said, "Love you, bye!" without even thinking and then hung up. Nice.