Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peace out...

Don't you just love our new sunglasses? Don't you know that it is cool to have the glasses cover your entire face? Also, neon is back!!! YES
Sometimes one pair of sunglasses does not protect your eyes from those pesky UV rays. If your eyes are feeling a little sensitive, put on two pair like Madison did.

Oh, and putting your fingers by the side of your eyes and making a pout face is all the rage too. My mom has a memory card full of us using this ultra cool pose.

This is the way we ride our bikes. We don't want to get to close to the road now do we? We would rather run into the the flower pots.

We don't ride our bikes nearly enough. We only like to ride them when all the daycare kids are gone and mom is trying relax on her chair on the porch. If mom is sitting there, we can make her time us while we ride around the block. We need to know how many one one thousand, two one thousands it takes for us to get back to where we started. We would not dream of letting our mom just sit there. Her mind always has to be doing something or she might dream up nasty chores for us to do.

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