Friday, January 9, 2009

Wrestle Mania

We got a call yesterday from Dyllon saying that he would be wrestling on the Varsity team that night! He was really excited to get this opportunity. He had been working really hard and had never misssed a pratice. Here he is before the match started. So grown up!!

This next shot is during the National Anthem!

I was all excited for him to get to wrestle with the Varsity team. UNTIL: In the 5th match, one of the players from Kearns was picked up and thrown to the ground. The boy tried to catch himself by putting his arm down. Bad move. You know how your arm is supposed to bend towards your chest? Yeah! Well, his was not bending like that. Can you say severe dislocation or compound fracture. I'm not sure which, but I could not fall asleep last night because it was all that I could think about. I changed my mind about Dyllon, maybe he was not ready to wrestle varsity.

Well, it is his turn now. I am really nervous because he is wrestling one of the team captains from the other team. PLEASE, PLEASE don't get hurt.

Dyllon is holding his own. ( I am holding my breath!)
Dyllon making a great escape!

It was alot of this!

Dyllon had a great chance here! He had him!!!!

Sadly, Dyllon ended up getting pinned in the 3rd period with about 30 seconds left to go. He did a great job for this being his first Varsity match! We are really proud of him! A sophomore wrestling a senior. I am sure that I am going to get a lot of teenage girls visiting my blog to see Dyllon is his tight singlet! So attractive!


  1. Dyllon!!! way to go!! varsity nice!!! hope to see you wrestle soon!! oh and you will get them next time!

  2. That's awesome Dyllon!! I like your header. Very cute!!