Friday, January 9, 2009

Snowy day, Jr. High Carpool and Bus Drivers.

So, this morning turned out to be a quite interesting. Friday morning, my turn for the Jr. High Carpool. I have Fridays off, but I always have to get up early anyway and drive the carpool. The Humanity! The roads of course are snowy, (Side note: I think I need a chiropractic adjustment every time I drive thru the neighborhood. Where are the snow plows??) This in turn causes every parent to drive their child to school. Which in turn causes a back-up in the carpool drop off lane. What more can a person do than wait? OK! Now for the story. I am waiting in the carpool lane with about 50 cars in front of me. We are not moving. There must be a problem up ahead. We have been sitting like this for a few minutes. I look at my options, wait for the car ahead of me to move. To the left, 15 foot mountain of snow, plus not to mention the sidewalk and curb, not my best option. To the right, a seminary building, not a good option either, could included jail time. Behind me, a bus and at least 20 other cars, no good either. Best option, just wait for the car ahead of me. I think to myself, I might be here awhile. UGH!!! I tell the kids in the car: "You guys might want to bail out here, it looks like this could be awhile." Kids exit the vehicle and walk thru the parking lot, etc... Like I said, behind me is a bus. Looks like the one pictured below. What does it do? It honks at me, not once, but three times!! Clearly it sees that I have options. Seriously, What is going thru that drivers head?? It must have been? This car in front of me is holding me up! Why is she not moving? She needs to be moving. I have a bus load of kids, how will they ever make it to school if the lady in front of me is not moving? I could never open the door and let the kids out if I am not in the bus lane. How can I make her move??? Move Lady Move!! Maybe if I honk at her, she will kick that SUV in gear and plow thru the stopped cars in front of her!! Yeah, Yeah that is what I will do. That will make her move!!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Like that is going to make me move!!!

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