Monday, May 11, 2009


Snorkeling, it is hard, have you ever tried it? I have a fear of deep water so this is not the sport for me. I panic and try to breathe thru my nose and it goes down hill from there. I did snorkel twice. The first time I scraped my knee up. The second time I went for about 20 minutes. Sadly, there was nobody to take my picture so you will just have to trust me.
After I got out of the water Kendall, Kory and Pam persevered.
Here is Kory and Pam. They stayed closer to the shore. Kendall liked to go way out. It was hard for me to get his picture.
Kendall is making an entrance into the big blue. It is hard. Not to many graceful shots to post.

Kendall swimming out to sea!


  1. Mindy, your comments about your snorkeling adventures were priceless. You should write a book someday..

  2. Right, in all my spare time???