Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello World!

Oh No!, I think I have writers block and this is just my first post! I guess that we can start with the annual Christmas card and go from there. For those of you that are not lucky enough to make the mailing list, here you go. Merry Christmas from the Brown's to you. Enjoy!

So you know who is who. That is Kendall and me in the upper left hand corner. ( I hate my picture taken, I can never get a good one!) Dyllon, upper right hand corner. (Does this look like a mug shot or what? He likes to look serious.) Avery, middle left side. (Please let him want to get a haircut soon!) Madison, right middle side. (Such a nice picture.) Aushlynn, left bottom corner. (Is she sticking her tongue out her missing teeth holes??) Buddy, right bottom corner. (It is so hard to get a animal to pose for a picture!)

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